Physician Supervised Phentermine Instructions


Dr. Kojian M.D.
F.D.A Approved Phentermine
Please Save These Instructions


The password changes every month. To get the new password Please text, 626-222-7777 or email us at, brand new pictures WITH YOUR ARM IN THE CUFF of you getting your blood pressure taken with a home unit or at a machine at Walmart or a pharmacy. We need to see the numbers and your face too. 2-3 brand new pictures is fine. Your blood pressure needs to be less than 140/95 and your pulse needs to be under a 100.

DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD WITH ANYONE AS THIS SITE IS REGULATED BY THE F.D.A.. We will supply you Phentermine for up to 6 months per year if you choose. Please take half a pill the last week you plan to use Phentermine, to WEAN yourself off the pill; so half a pill the first week to start and half a pill the last week to wean off.

Thank you,

The Doctors from