Diet And Fitness Tips From Olympians Part Two

In celebration of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, we’re taking a look at some of the best diet and fitness advice from past and current Olympians. There’s plenty to inspire your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen:

McKayla Maroney: Switch It Up

The Olympic gymnast also known for the ‘McKayla Maroney Is NOT Impressed’ memes is all about making smart diet choices that don’t involve eating the same thing all the time.

“Eat smart. Balance your nutrition. Switch up your meals every day so you don’t get bored eating the same things,” she says. “Go organic when you can. Don’t eat when you’re not really hungry, and keep portions small.” The Olympian also stresses saying no to peer pressure.

“It is very important to stay ‘in tune,’ with what your own body is trying to tell you,” she notes. “Don’t concern yourself with what others around you are eating or doing; keep your focus on yourself.”

Erin Hamlin: Stay Active, Even On Rest Days

“Staying active on down days actually makes me feel better the rest of the week,” says Hamlin, a two-time luge Olympian. “Doing something low key, like going for a walk or taking a light yoga class, gets the blood flowing and results in more productive training days.”

Ashton Eaton: Go For “Less Legs”

The track and field star has an interesting approach to healthy eating!

“The less legs and the closer to the earth, the better for you,” he says. In other words, chicken, a two-legged animal, is better for you than cow, a four-legged animal. Fish are even better than chicken thanks to their lack of legs, with beans, fruits, and veggies the best for you.

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